Our School

In the morning children work in their classes where the focus is on Numeracy and Literacy.  In the afternoons we follow topic themes where the children may work with others in their year group or with other pupils across the key stage. The children derive great benefit from working alongside differing age groups and support and encourage each other.  Work in all classes is differentiated according to the needs of the children.  

During the course of the day our children receive class, group and individual teaching at different times from our experienced team of teachers and support staff, and it is our aim to develop independent thinking, confident speech and quality learning.  We endeavour to make our school a happy and secure place and to build a strong, friendly partnership between home, school and community.



World War One Day

Children arrived at school dressed in a variety of costumes from the era to find their classrooms transformed and new rules to be followed. Children were addressed by their surnames and 'enjoyed' writing 100 lines if they were found talking!

Throughout the day children experienced a range of activities including cooking trench cake, writing letters to loved ones in the trenches, singing war time songs, solving secret messages and even completing marching drills.

A great day was had by all. Why not take a look at some of the fantastic photos!