Uplowman C Of E Primary School

A haven of hope, where every child matters as a child of God

Uplowman, Tiverton, Devon EX16 7DR

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At Uplowman, we are very proud of our identity and value our status as a school in its own right. We cherish what this school means to the community, to the families who have gone through the school and are here now. There is a uniqueness and warmth to our school that is evident as soon as you enter the doors and many visitors comment how welcome they feel when they visit here. We want to always maintain this and ensure that Uplowman C of E Primary School continues to thrive and prosper, whilst maintaining its distinct character.

However, we are an outward looking school and we believe that working together in partnership with other schools and organisations is a truly powerful way to offer the best possible opportunities for our children and our staff. We already work with local schools in lots of different ways and we have built upon these links by being a partner school in the Culm Co-operative Learning Partnership, whilst we entered a Management Partnership with Halberton Primary School in November 2014. 

This Management Partnership was very successful and after a 6 week period of consultation, the governors of both schools unanimously decided that the best way forward was for both schools to federate and therefore from 31st August 2015, both schools became part of the 'Halberton & Uplowman Federation'. This means that the schools share one Headteacher and a Governing Body.

We feel confident that these collaborative relationships will work for the benefit of our children, communities and staff.

From May 5th 2015, we entered a 6 week period of Consultation, regarding a propsed Federation between Uplowman C of E Primary School and Halberton Primary School. This involved offering all stakeholder; staff, pupils, governors, parents, members of the local communities and professional bodies and the outcomes of responses were as follows:



Consultation Letter to Parents and Carers re the proposed Federation between Uplowman C of E Primary School and Halberton Primary School dated 5th May 2015

You can make your views known by following this link and completing an online survey.




Presentation for Public Consultation Meetings


Decision Letter re the Proposed Federation of Uplowman C of E Primary School and Halberton Primary School dated 24th June 2015